full-length album, "Unready" out now!

Introducing Nonpronto


In a pop music landscape dominated by the guitar, a piano-fronted rock band is bound to stand out—and Nonpronto does just that. Not since Ben Folds Five has a piano trio brought such creativity and energy to the art of songwriting. Since forming in Chicago in 2012, they’ve released two EPs: Nonpronto (2013) and Like Sh*t (2014) and one full length album: Unready (2015). 

The piano driven power trio has made a name for themselves in the Chicago music scene with their energetic live performances and their unique brand of catchy, melodic pop music. Heartfelt lyrics and hummable hooks are the hallmarks of Nonpronto's sound.

The group released their first full length album and toured the Southeast in May. Check the Facebook page and website to stay tuned in for upcoming tour dates, live footage/recordings, and Nonpronto gear. Hear the music on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and Bandcamp.


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Past venues played: Double Door, Tonic Room, Uncommon Ground, Reggie's Rock Club, Mayne Stage, Martyrs', The Bassment, Hungry Brain, Foundation Room @ House of Blues, Jerry's Sandwiches, Gallery Cabaret, Underground Wonder Bar, Debonair Social Club

Shared the stage with (stuff you should check out): Spocket, Josiah Leming, Adam Ness, Tyler Sjöström, Abbi Rajasekhar, Rory Tyer, Meagan Hickman, Ephelon Trio, Bluelight, Ethan Butler, Bifunkal, Alec Lehrman, Murdertron 4000, Reels Green, Brother Ember, Joe Goodkin, Starving in The Belly of The Whale, Kara Claudy

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"Unready plays like the soundtrack to a road warrior's tour diary." –Jessi Roti, LocalLoopChicago.com (Album Review)

"It's very groovy, very groovy." –Kris Littman, Fearless Radio (Podcast)

"Trendy music can be entertaining and sometimes exciting for a while, before it wears out its welcome. By using tried-and-true ingredients, creativity and a generous helping of good taste, Nonpronto has created an album that is likely to have real staying power." –George Graham, WVIA-FM (Album Review)

"...Of course you are not at all a typical jazz piano trio, but my point was, you could be!" –Robb Holmes, WUGA "It's Friday"

"The Nonpronto EP has a jam band-type sound that is reminiscent of instrumentation found in The Bad Plus, but the vocals of singer Dan Collins give it a Ben Folds-like factor that makes them truly unique. Throw in the improvisational skills displayed in “Serendipity” and “Sweet Times Run” and the in-and-out blend of the bass and kit; Musical freedom at its finest." —Tyler J. Henderson, AllAboutJazz.com Musician Editor

"Nonpronto’s music is an old soul revived..." —Angel Leon, FrostClick.com (Album Review)

"Pop jazz akin to something like Bublé hit by Fun, co-written by Cullum and Levine." —AllAboutJazz Free MP3 of the Day

"...new, extremely relaxed jazz..." —OrlandoFurioso, MusikRebell (Album Review)

"Everything is so smooth...flowing, natural. None of it sounds forced. Like you're just sitting down and playing because your hands want to move, and singing because you've got a story to tell. It's really nice." —Steve Harm, Owner of Warehouse La Crosse

"It’s music for walking down Michigan Ave on a sunny day with your friends or sweetheart, or waiting for the “El” in a gentle rain. It’s nostalgic, yet modern. It’s simply beautiful music." —Seth Arp, "Track 8 Music" (Posting)

"...they lay down some good solid grooves...You'll dig them like I do." —Lew Ojeda, The Underground Multiplex (Posting)

"Dude... I just fell in love with Nonpronto. Listened to you guys Live at The Tonic Room. So cool." —Gina Glocksen (Ruzicka), American Idol Top 10 Finisher


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