Former Chicago-based, piano-driven, pop-rock trio.

Chicago based, piano driven, jazz pop trio featuring Dan Collins/piano, Josh Murtha/bass, and Luke Angle/drums.

#UnreadyTour Monday May 18- Friday May 22

It's Friday as I write this. Took a few days off. Here's what's been happening.

Monday- Back to Charlotte. Killed a day hanging around Charlotte. It's a really nice city. Played at Crown Station where we got to sit in with a new hip-hop artist named Kori. In another bizarre twist of fate, he too went to high-school near Stafford VA. 

Out host for the evening, Tom was a really nice guy. He and a friend came to the gig, then he set us up in his ultra-hip loft style apartment with Wii Mario Kart. I suck at Mario Kart.

Our new Couchsurfing friend in Charlotte has hooked us up with Mario Kart. Choice. #UnreadyTour

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Tuesday- A day off in the famously beautiful Asheville, NC. We stayed with a friend of Dan's named Sarah. We spent the day trolling around the downtown area for a bit- the hunt for decent wifi is a daily struggle. Evening= Spaghetti, beer, Pulp Fiction, sleep.

Wednesday- Made some new 11 year old fans at C.D. Owen Middle School in Asheville. My favorite question from the Q & A portion:

Kid: How many miles per gallon does your van get?

Dan: 17

Kid: That's not very good.

Evening = Burgers, beer, Step Brothers, sleep. Next morning= burgers and eggs. 

Thursday- Gastonia, S.C. Our host was busy working until 4pm, so we rolled into the downtown area around 12 looking for wifi like the data junkies we are and wind up at a coffee shop. I threw a little hissy fit because the wifi would not cooperate and then struck out on my own in search for a better conniption. It turns out, that one coffee shop was the only place in town that even pretends to have internet. I stole the van and went to Starbucks. I know, friends don't let friends go to Starbucks. Good thing I don't have friends. 

Our host for the evening was a badass rock climber/ ice climber/ runner of 100k races/ general contractor (his house is NOICE!) / small business owner ( He also looks a lot like Mark Wahlburg.

We hung out, Luke spent an inordinate amount of time cooking a mediocre pasta dish. We ate, hung out then headed to the gig at The Nest Played some tunes, sold some merchandise, mades some friends.

Back to the house, dropped the stuff off and went out for some 2-for-1 pizzas and competitively priced craft beer before coming back and crashing.

As soon as I'm done typing this we are heading to Johnson City, TN. Wagon wheel was such a good song. Damn you, Hootie! Damn you...

Last night in Charlotte. Fun playin with you @kmusiq

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