Former Chicago-based, piano-driven, pop-rock trio.

Chicago based, piano driven, jazz pop trio featuring Dan Collins/piano, Josh Murtha/bass, and Luke Angle/drums.

#UnreadyTour Friday May 15

We get up pretty early and take off from Brent's place. It's 2.5 hrs to Gaffney, SC and we arrive around 11am. Our gig at the University of Georgia radio station isn't until the afternoon so we head to a local coffee shop and sit around on Macbooks like a bunch of college students pretending to accomplish things. 

We head to WUGA and meet Robb Holmes, the host of "It's Friday." We also meet a really talented songwriter from Austin Texas named Walt Wilkins. I'm embedding a video below of my favorite tune he performed. He's a great lyricist.

After WUGA we drive over to the Capri Theater, a classic movie theater turned music venue in downtown Gaffney. The owner, Beau takes us over to a great BBQ place just down the road. The show goes well. But once again the night doesn't get interesting until the couch surfing begins...

A few weeks ago we reached out to a random stranger via His name was Zak and he graciously said we could crash with him in Gaffney. After the gig at Capri he sends me his phone number and I notice that the area code is 540. That's my area code. It turns out that this stranger in South Carolina grew up in my town in Virginia and graduated from a high school 2 miles away from mine, the same year as me. Small world. 

Our experience with couchsurfing is pretty limited at this point, but I imagine that Zak is probably hands down the best host on the site. We arrive at his place around 11:30 and he serves us chicken carbonara and some of his home-made strawberry wine. He has a beautiful house and a big fluffy Chow Chow named Aria (yes, after Aria Stark.) We drink a beer after diner and shoot the shit till bed time.

It's morning now. We slept like babies. Zak is in the kitchen making breakfast. It smells awesome. And to think, I was worried we'd get our kidneys harvested and all wake up in a bathtub full of ice.