Former Chicago-based, piano-driven, pop-rock trio.

Chicago based, piano driven, jazz pop trio featuring Dan Collins/piano, Josh Murtha/bass, and Luke Angle/drums.

#UnreadyTour Thursday May 14

Atlanta gig was cancelled so we drive right past the ATL and roll into Athens around 5pm. The UGA campus is nice. The downtown area has a real retro, Norman Rockwell feel. I guess that's why they call Athens "Classic City." Our gig here isn't until tomorrow, so we've got a whole day to kill. Like I said, it's after 5pm- so we find the cheapest beers in town (or so we think. See next paragraph) and sit around for a while enjoying the weather. The constant social media highlight reel is a misrepresentation of how we actually spend our time on the road. There's a lot of "hurry up and wait." But down time isn't so bad when you're in a beautiful, warm southern town where the beer is cheap and the women are good looking.

We eat some Thai food and then wander into a bar down the street called Cutter's. Here the night gets a little interesting.

Josh: I'll have a Yuengling please

Dan: Same thing please

Luke: Make it 3

Chad (Bartender): IDs please. I know I've seen you guys before but I have to check anyway.

Luke: That's odd, it's our first time here.

Chad: Oh really? Then how'd you know about the Yuengling?

Josh: We're from the east coast, we know all about Yuengling.

Chad: Oh, so you didn't know about the special?

Us: No

Chad: Yuenglings are a dollar tonight. 


Josh: I guess it's gonna be busy tonight! Do you guys need a band?

Chad: Let me make some phone calls..

And just like that Chad got us a gig at a cool new place in Athens called Live Wire. $1 beers and a place to play. Not bad. THANKS, CHAD!


Afterwards we have our first experience with a host from the website It's like Air BnB for poor people. Brent is cool- a professor at a local college. He and his wife are way into Japanese comics, games, etc. She recently quit her day gig to focus on writing " short stories that involve dragon porn." We're sad that she is out of town and we won't get to meet her. But we spend the evening playing japanese 2D fighting games on Playstation before hitting the hay. THANKS TO BRENT FOR BEING SUCH A COOL, WELCOMING HOST! HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN SOON.