Former Chicago-based, piano-driven, pop-rock trio.

Chicago based, piano driven, jazz pop trio featuring Dan Collins/piano, Josh Murtha/bass, and Luke Angle/drums.

Random Winter Update

How's everybody doin'? Good? That's good. I felt it appropriate to toss out an update on band happenings. See below...

We played a few solid shows this last quarter in Chicago and are beginning to book 2016- stay tuned for those show postings.

We plan to release a new single/music video in early-2016 and are excited for you to hear it.

We keep making podcasts and deleting them... encourage us so that we don't continue this depressing cycle. ;)

Remember, we have merchandise and schtuff here. This is how bands make their money, since you can listen to any of our music for free... anywhere.

As always, thanks for the love and support!